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Advisory Services

Holistic Approach: We take a comprehensive view of the entire product lifecycle, from concept to commercialization. Whether it’s design, regulatory compliance, or market strategy, we’ve got you covered.


In-Depth Analysis: When faced with complex challenges, we don’t shy away. Instead, we dive deep, conducting thorough research and analysis to provide actionable insights.


Fixed-Price Packages: Transparency is essential to us. Our fixed-price packages cover a range of services, including technical documentation, competitive analysis, and more.

Operational Excellence

We help companies optimize their operations by streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. This includes supply chain management, manufacturing processes, and quality control.

R&D Innovation

We collaborate with R&D teams to drive innovation. Evaluate existing product portfolios, identify gaps, and recommend new product development opportunities based on market trends and customer needs.

We offer hardware and software development from guaranteed suppliers.

Regulatory Compliance

We guide clients through the complex regulatory landscape. Understand different regulatory pathways (such as FDA 510(k) submissions or CE marking for the EU) and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Hardware and Software Development

Together with experienced partners, we help with the creation of your medical device. This includes a technical file upon request.

Data Collection and Analytics

We develop tools for data collection (paper or electronic) during clinical investigations. Leverage analytics to gain insights from real-world data.

Post-Market Studies

We support clients in conducting post-market studies to monitor device performance, safety, and effectiveness after commercialization.

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